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Jack: HUG ME!

Hiccup: I CAN’T! My head is too big and my arms are too short.

((One day I will be able to draw decent Hijack))



"I’ve been trying to tell you something."

I haven’t done an edit in forever so please accept some hijackson as an apology.



Shhh just discovered my kink for knitted hats



Guys. Please stop me I have no control over my edits anymore



I don’t think I will ever be over the expression Toothless made after he broke free of the Bewilderbeast’s control and saw Hiccup. 




Jack: Hic is especially tight like this. But I can’t see the faces he makes.
Hiccup: Good! It’s embarrassing!


basicallydragonbait whispered: Lingerie ~


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Oh!" he starts in eager recognition, clasping and unclasping one hand as if trying to pin the thought down before it fades. Something lights up in those luminescent eyes as the word takes a meaningful form, the spark of an idea that twists itself into something substantial.

The shadow draped around his shoulders shifts, too. Hiccup plucks at the neckline with clumsy fingers, striking lazy ripples through the watery fabric. It shudders and melts like thick molasses, sliding off his shoulders, gathering in syrupy threads that trickle slow and heavy over his narrow hips until all that’s left clings in lascivious impression of dripping tar.

"Like this…?" Hiccup presses brightly, and the corner of his colorless mouth quirks up into a lopsided smile. 

((Mun: it makes him feel powerful to control how he displays himself, and it’s a super rare feeling for him to feel independently attractive too, so yes! and for me, yeeeeah big big yes as well, haha ))






Ive been asked a lot to draw jack and hiccup haha so here you all go! 



Hijack - My Immortal

There miundy I did it I made you a vid! Mwaahahhahahahah *faints from lack of sleep*

I apologize for shit quality I might try to fix later…