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thiefasterisk whispered: your blog is a treasure. thank you

TTwTT you’re the treasure, dear!



hijack snaps :>



I’m not lying when I say I upload like 3% of my work. I have literally countless notebooks filled with these nerds.

Should I upload some even if they’re just rough sketches?



sheep hiccup

Please, read to the end ▷



No one can go into the Jack Frost tag anymore. No new fans can enter the Rise of the Guardians fandom without their art, ideas, posts, and voices being swallowed up by the Jelsa posts. No one can go into the Rise of the Guardians tag or the rotg tag either, because all they see is Jelsa. I’m…

I’ll admit that when I first started posting things to tumblr I tagged my hijack fanfictions under both the “jack frost” and “hiccup haddock” tags, as well as “how to train your dragon” and “rise of the guardians”—but this was before I really understood how the tagging system works. As soon as I figured it out, I stopped doing that and began properly tagging things as just “hijack”, “hijack fanfiction” and occasionally “frostcup” so that I didn’t clog up the character tags inappropriately.

Not everyone agrees on ships, and you should respect that. By tagging ships under the character tags you are forcing your ships on other people and that’s EXTREMELY disrespectful to the other people on the site as well as the characters themselves.

Please please PLEASE tag things appropriately! :<



« He braced his hands on freckled hips and kissed
over his heart the same way his lover had
only moments ago. »
Miku aka

Her story just blew my mind, I mean…20 pages of smut, what doya want from meee
Tell me what you think about it guys ! *hugs*



hiccup didn’t wanna tell jack in letters so he came home to do it hahahaa wow. this is..somethin’.
FOR THAT LOVELY ANON WHO WANTED HICCUP HOME FROM WAR (I accidentally deleted your ask I’m so sorry but I hope this is ok enough) 



this happened after a hilarious conversation with a stranger on a bus. 
Not everyone is happy with Gobber being Berks resident gay




= 400 Follower Giveaway!! =

Hey guys, this is a great big ‘thank you’ to everyone who’s stuck with me or found this blog! So as a thank you I want to do a little drawing giveaway for everyone.


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