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Hiccup: it’s hard, but I’m okay… sometimes it hurts, and it takes a long time to walk a short amount, but it gets easier and I feel like I’ll be back to normal eventually…

Jack: I’M SO HAPPY!!! Hiccup is amazing and its wonderful to see him on his feet again, trying his best. That’s the Hiccup I know! I’m so proud of him! I’m always proud of him. He’s like, my favorite person ever.

((don’t be embarassed!! It was really cute! knowing that some people like this au and are emotionally effected by it even a little bit is like the most important thing to me…!))


ah yes kitty AU

[full view shows details because of reasons]



Really quick super sketchy Hijack.

It’s like 4 AM, I should probably sleep.

Art by me




Hic: Is this your idea of a pick-up line?
Jack: Maybe~

what am i even doing



WARNING: The download file is HUGE.

Three AUs in one because it’s Harry Potter AU, Mythical creature AU and Punk/Nerd AU all at once. XD
A while back I’d been thinking about how cool it would e if every so often a centaur is born wit magical abilities and can be sent to Hogwarts to study magic. they’d be so different from their classmates because they can’t sit in a seat so they’d stand in the back and carry their books with side bags over their backs. I can imagine how cute it would be if it was a really personal thing for Centaurs to hammer on each other’s horseshoes every morning. Of course they’d have to have special dorm rooms since they don’t sleep on beds really, and I can see Jack being fun-loving and taking first years on rides. Hiccup’s best subject is magical creatures and I have this cool theory that since they are both types of equine and Hiccup and Jack have magic, they  have an easier time seeing Thestrals on a regular basis without the need to see death. I think Jack is VERY protective of his little Hufflepuff, regardless that Hiccup happens to have HUGE hooves (the ONLY thing that shows his big viking centaur father). Jack tried dying his tail like he does to his hair but it’s difficult to reach so he really leaves it alone.

Harry Potter: (C) J.K. Rowling
PNAU concept… uh… belongs to Laryndawn? I think? I’m not sure who came up with it, but it wasn’t me.
Hiccup/Jack: (C) CRessida Cowell/William Joyce/Dreamworks
Art: (C) Me~


"Look, snowflakes!"

"Take me home."



Dragons in (half)Human form

Bewilderbest, Cloudjumper, Toothless

Toothless too hard to draw him as human…orz




[[Still can’t decide which version I liked best]]

[[For the stunning dragonlordhiccup and their muse Delroy. These boys have an interesting relationship~]]



An anon told me that it was RotBTD Summer Week! I would’ve totally missed it! So here I am, two days late. The theme for today was Courage, which the Big Four does not lack! The first courageous summer activity that came to mind was tree climbing. None of the Big Four seem to be afraid of heights!

I have way too much on my plate to color this in and I’m already late as it is, so if anyone wants to color it for me, feel free. Just remember to credit me and send me a link. Otherwise… I might just get to coloring this in later. 

RotBTD Summer Week Prompts